Speaking of S&T: The Chief of Naval Operations

By Adm. Jonathan Greenert, U.S. Navy, Chief of Naval Operations

I am honored to participate in the inaugural edition of this new magazine from the naval science and technology (S&T) community. Quarterly, this magazine will highlight the innovative S&T developments and achievements of our Sailors, Marines, Government Civilians—and their partners in industry and academia—as well as the general public. Future Force will communicate the impressive work of our innovators and its relevance and significance to our warfighters. With your support and participation, this magazine will highlight emerging capabilities to sustain our Fleet’s technological edge on, above, and under the sea and in space and the cyber domain.

This first edition of Future Force focuses on autonomy. Autonomous platforms, payloads, sensors, and other technologies are proliferating, particularly via unmanned vehicles, across the globe. Continued rapid advances in computing, artificial intelligence, dependable power and energy, robotics, sensors, and position-guidance technologies combine to make this an exciting and evolving area. Autonomy is a technology we can apply to current and future payloads and platforms to introduce and support new capabilities to retain our warfighting edge.

This edition describes some capabilities our S&T community is pursuing and their potential applications across the Navy and Marine Corps. As you read Future Force, I ask you to consider what else is possible—how we can be more effective and efficient—or suggest other areas our S&T community might consider. This magazine is one means to harness the asymmetric advantage of our Sailors, Marines, and Civilians to provide the S&T community with new ideas and concepts to sharpen our warfighting advantage. It will be your innovative ideas that instigate change and retain our advantage.

As we continue to explore and debate new technologies and creative ideas through publications such as Future Force, I urge you to pursue innovation, new technologies and the relentless hard work required to bring their capabilities to the Fleet.

About the author:

Adm. Greenert is the 30th Chief of Naval Operations.

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